Msosi Kenyan Cuisine offers a variety of Kenyan meals
that is infused with spices from different parts of Kenya.

About Msosi

The Matini family immigrated from Nairobi, Kenya in late 2007. With no knowledge of the location, environment, or culture, the move to Colorado was full open minds and hearts.

"We have always had a passion for food and when we moved to Colorado, we saw a need to introduce people to Kenyan cuisine whether it be events, get togethers, or a simple dinner. Msosi Kenyan Cuisine aims to provide homestyled kenyan meals that are not only delicious but are made with fresh produce and kenyan spices."

The people behind Msosi Kenyan Cuisine...

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us on any of these phone numbers:

720-278-3696 or 720-998-1154

Or catch us the social media listed below. Can't wait to hear from you!